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Camelbak Antidote 70 oz & cleaning kit
King Shu Wong (2016-08-19 00:49:22刊登, #18963)
MILITARY GRADE HYDRATION BLADDER volume 2 litres and a cleaning kit. NOT available in Hong Kong. Top choice for hiking
and outdoor activities. No plastic taste.

Camelbak Mil Antidote 70 oz x 1 USD46
Origin: USA

CamelBak Mil Cleaning Kit x 1 USD25
Origin: USA

寄往貨倉: Jamaica, New York, United States
運輸方法: 空運
貨件價錢: USD 71
體積重量: 29cm x 18cm x 9cm (2 lbs)
貨件重量: 1.4 lbs
重新包裝服務: 沒有
標籤: Camelbak,hydrationbladder,military,outdoor